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Denver Development Opportunities: BisNow Article about DIA

Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Pena Station North

An article by Joe Fassler in Bisnow Denver explores the opportunities being developed around Denver International Airport, including Pena Station NEXT. Below is a brief snippet of the article with a link to the full piece.

And that 25-square-mile parcel, owned by Denver International Airport itself, is just one of a host of plats awaiting their groundbreakings on the windy prairie edging the Mile High City.

A new slate of ambitious, large-scale projects were announced this year and are expected to bring previously unseen levels of activity to the area, offering up big potential for those willing to navigate the varying interests in the area and bet on further population expansion of the swelling cities that make up metro Denver.

"Denver has added about a million people since the airport was built,” DIA Senior Vice President of Real Estate Ken Cope said. “If you were to try to build a whole lot on our land 25 years ago, there wouldn't be a population base, there wouldn't be enough traffic to support some of those uses, etc. And there wouldn't be the infrastructure. But now, because of all of the private development that has occurred around us, we have a really great opportunity to be building on our land."

Read the full article at Bisnow.