Real Estate Pioneers Since 1904

The Fulenwider family has owned L.C. Fulenwider Inc. (Fulenwider), a privately held corporation, for four generations. Today, Cal Fulenwider, III, President, and a five-member Board of Directors lead the company. The Fulenwider family comprises four of the Board seats.
Our company has been an acknowledged leader in the Colorado real estate community for over a century. L.C. Fulenwider Sr. helped write the Colorado Real Estate License laws in the early 1900s and his grandson, Cal Fulenwider III, continues to hold Colorado Real Estate License #1, which originally belonged to his grandfather. Since our beginning in 1904, we have built a reputation for innovating creative and practical ideas within Colorado's real estate community. Proud of what we have accomplished, we continue to produce well conceived master planned real estate projects and ventures of superior and lasting quality.

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ONE OF DENVER’S FIRST 1,000 AUTOMOBILES - An innovation in real estate was this automobile which replaced bicycles for The Globe Investment Company’s staff. For the first time, salesman and customer could ride together and talk while viewing property. This picture was taken around 1907.